Free shipping orders £60.00+ Code:FREESHIP (Not valid with other offers - UK mainland only)

Free shipping orders £60.00+ Code:FREESHIP (Not valid with other offers - UK mainland only)

The Brilliant Bar


Book the Brilliant Bar for your brilliant event

Let’s celebrate getting together again, seeing friends, family, work colleagues – it’s been a long time coming and I am sure, like us, you have missed catching up with loved ones.

Wedding celebrations, private parties, corporate events or festivals – whatever your event, our vintage style mobile bar is available to hire. Stocked with your favourite tipple including all three varieties of our Brilliant Gin, our fully staffed bar is perfect to bring fun, sophistication and a touch of quirkiness to your party.

Imagine how lovely it is when we turn up with our vintage style caravan on wheels, open her up and lay out all the drinks ready for your guests. We will bring warm smiles and friendly banter to your occasion and when the sun starts to dip, we will switch on the lights to create a soft glow around the bar.

The Brilliant Bar – the story so far

Dancing, music, good food and sophisticated drinks to accompany the evening. We all need a little bit of luxury and fun after such a challenging time.

The Brilliant Bar, is a bespoke build created just for us…and for you! Over the past year she has been waiting quietly for a time to shine and for the opportunity to get your party started!

The Brilliant Bar would love to join you in your garden, your venue, your village or town to bring your event to life.

Hiring the Brilliant Bar

Our mobile bar is available to hire in Sussex or Hampshire for the following:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Sports events
  • Festivals
  • Hen or stag parties
  • Birthdays
  • Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Christenings

We hire our bar out by the day, so if you would like it for a whole weekend, then we will take it away at night and bring it back the next day for you.

Cash bar or drinks on a tab – the choice is yours

When you contact us, we will find out about your event, the guests and the drinks that you would like us to offer from our bar. We will also ask if you would like:

  • A cash bar – guests pay for their drinks as they order them
  • A tab – a running total for different guests and they pay at the end of the evening
  • A free bar – when we say ‘free’ we mean the host pays for the drinks, so they are free for guests!

Your favourite tipple is our pleasure

We serve red and white wine, champagne, prosecco, Brilliant Gin (of course!), mixers for gin cocktails, craft beers, ciders and soft drinks, however if there is a particular drink that you absolutely love, then we can offer this as well.

Book your date soon!

The Brilliant Bar is booking up fast – not just for this year but for next year as well. Please contact as soon as possible to get your event booked into our diary.


To find out information about the cost and availability of the Brilliant Bar, please call 01243 513810 or email and Graham or Gail will be able to help you.

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