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Brilliant Gin from Madeleine’s Deli

Madeleine’s Deli is the latest shop to stock the complete range of Brilliant Gins. Madeleine’s Deli on Lavant Street, Petersfield has recently been joined by its sister shop in Midhurst.

Choose from our complete range of Brilliant Gins

It is a joy to the senses to walk into Madeleine’s Deli in Petersfield and now in Midhurst: glorious smells of freshly baked croissants, coffee and hot deli sandwiches. The deli counter is full of their own pies, curry puffs, scotch eggs, quiches and daily salads and there are many delicious cakes and pastries to choose from. Then look to the shelves and you will see our range of Brilliant Gins – Raspberry, London Dry and Distillers Brilliant Gin, great for relaxing nights in, sitting in the garden or for a glamourous cocktail or two!

A shared love of food

Madeleine’s Kitchen was the idea of two women, Antonia Troth and Kathryn Rodbert who met at the school gates. They talked about their passion for great quality, tasty food and over time they decided to set up a catering business together.

Both have been trained and worked in various areas of the catering industry – hotels, restaurants and pubs both in the UK and overseas. Kathryn spent much of her childhood in Asia and Antonia in France and both have been influenced by the cooking styles they were brought up with and this is reflected in the food and produce they stock in their delis.

Initially Antonia and Kathryn cooked and delivered soups to local shops and restaurants and then expanded to catered events. As the business grew, they decided to open their own shop so that people could buy directly from them.

Madeleine’s delicatessen opens in Midhurst

Over the past six years their business has gone from strength to strength with the opening of the second shop in Midhurst. Madeleine’s now offers an online ordering service and has a production kitchen at Steep Marsh with chefs cooking fresh food daily to meet the increased demand.

The importance of supporting local businesses

Antonia said:

“We never envisaged that we would open a second store or have a large production kitchen, the business has just evolved organically as demand has increased.

We feel that Brilliant Gin is ideal for our shops because we like to support local businesses that produce high quality food and drink – it also tastes great!”

What’s in a name?

If you were wondering where the name Madeleine’s Kitchen comes from, it was chosen because it is the name of Kathryn’s daughter and a is a reference to the French pastries that Antonia loved when she lived in France! A shared name for a successful business partnership.

Gin, tonic and tapas!

Gail Woolston, owner of Brilliant Gins said “we are very happy that our gins are being sold in Madeleine’s Kitchen. Antonia and Kathryn have a similar outlook to us – they have started a company that is growing because of their passion for quality food and drink and their commitment to excellence. Gin, tonic, tapas – what a great combination and all can be bought from one place!”

Contact Brilliant Gin

To find out more about Brilliant Gin or to stock our gin, please call 01243 513810.

Madeleine’s Kitchen & Delicatessen

Madeleine’s Kitchen, 18a Lavant St, Petersfield GU32 3EW
Madeleine’s Deli, North St, Midhurst GU29 9DJ

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