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We may be
a little biased,

Developed by two long-time gin lovers, husband and wife team Graham and Gail Woolston.

What began as a passing comment in 2013 about a possible hobby has grown into a passion. Lovers of a fine gin and tonic at the end of the working day, we were becoming increasingly bored with gins that whilst promising much in terms of flavour just fade away when you add a mixer. On so many occasions we felt that all we were left with was a glass of alcoholic tonic water! So that became our challenge/mission.

To develop a gin that remained a classic London Dry Gin, elegant and refined, but is packed full of flavour. We wanted a gin that was daringly different for the people who love gin as much as we do. Not the quirky one-off buy that sits in the cupboard, but a truly classic gin, that customers come back to again and again as their gin of choice. A gin that would really stand up for itself and carry the flavours of all the beautiful botanicals through to the final sip.

A Brilliant Gin, Made For The Spirited! What didn’t sit well with us from the start were the many “fantastic” stories that surround gin. “botanicals picked under a full moon on the third Friday of the month, water from our own spring, quirky ingredients that add nothing to the flavour”.

The bottom line is what’s inside the bottle, so we cut the flim-flam and accorded our customers more respect.


For all you spirited gin explorers out there, be bold, be brave, but above all be Brilliant.

We promised from the start that we would source the very best ingredients from wherever that may be, anywhere in the world at the time of distillation.

We’ve selected the most flavoursome botanicals to craft a singular artisan gin that’s robust and clean but ever so delicately balanced. Softly infused with hints of spice and a note of citrus for an unforgettable flavour.

Of course, we’re very excited that we are able to use coriander from the first coriander farm in the UK which is also in Sussex. Great quality, bursting with flavour. Our spirit is produced from highest grade British wheat from North Yorkshire and our water is the purest you can get.

Wanting to produce the very best gin that we could, we quickly realised that we would be best to aim for an ABV of 43%. This would provide a better mouthfeel for our quality product, lower ABV can taste rather thin. Our next problem was smoothness. Very often spirit at a higher ABV can be very harsh and give a nasty kick in the throat.

Not something we wanted at all! Solving this problem all  came down to skill in recipe development with the inclusion of Grains of Paradise.

A magical little botanical, hugely expensive but the star that balanced out our recipe resulting in an elegant yet robust London Dry Gin, 43% ABV and smooth as silk.

Gail & Graham

Our Collection

Our distinctive gins are traditionally crafted in England and produced in small batches to make sure they are perfect every time you drink them.


For The


Brilliant Gin was initially born from a desire to create the perfect London Dry Gin. Long-time connoisseurs of gin, we wanted to create something daringly different, for the people who love gin as much as we do.

Having travelled the globe and experienced many varieties of gin, we decided to craft a singular artisan gin that was robust and clean, but ever so delicately balanced. A gin that is perfect when mixed but pure enough to be enjoyed on its own, over ice.


Used In Our Super Premium Gin

You can expect to find delightful bursts of juniper, sage, coriander, angelica, savory, lemon peel, bitter orange, cloves and cinnamon.

The distinctive flavour of Brilliant Gin is a unique blend of our individually selected botanicals. From the woody aroma of sage, to the warmth of our West African Grains of Paradise, each one of our botanicals have been chosen to create the strong, smooth and balanced flavour of Brilliant Gin.

Gail & Graham's

Favourite Way To Enjoy Brilliant Gin

We love it paired with a slice of glorious pink grapefruit. Add to a glass with a generous handful of ice, a good slug of Brilliant Gin and a squeeze of grapefruit for added zing. A splash of tonic and there you have it. Probably the best G&T you have ever tasted!

Our London Dry Gin Is

Uniquely Distilled

Together with master distillers, we’ve softly infused our London Dry Gin with hints of spice and a note of citrus, for an unforgettable flavour.


Bold spices on the nose: cassia, nutmeg and gingerbread. There's a rich texture on the palate with the spice from the nose continuing but with juniper and angelica adding balance and dryness.”

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