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Free shipping orders £60.00+ Code:FREESHIP (Not valid with other offers - UK mainland only)

What is Super Premium Gin?


Many people ask the question what is the difference between gin and super premium gin?

Gin preference is always a personal choice, and this means that the quality of gin can be subjective to that person. However, in our opinion Brilliant Gin is very much a Super Premium gin because of the following:

  • Our gin is distilled and robustly flavoured to cut through a mixer – we always make sure that it is good enough to be a standalone ‘sipping’ gin.
  • We only source the highest quality botanicals from around the world to ensure that our gin has a smooth, warm taste with each sip.Our botanicals include: Juniper, cloves, coriander, sage, angelica (to give our gin a smoothness), savoury, lemon peel, bitter orange, grains of paradise (for warmth) and cinnamon.
  • We make our gin in small batches. It is not mass produced because we want to ensure that every single drop is created to the highest standard.
  • We have beautiful bottles and stunning branding because we believe that our superior quality gin deserves to be packaged in a style that befits its quality!
  • Customers from the UK and beyond love our gin! The feedback we receive from customers is extremely positive and they regularly let us know why they love Brilliant Gin as well as sharing their favourite cocktail recipes with us.

How do we know Brilliant Gin is a Super Premium Gin?

As the owners of Brilliant Gin, we will, of course be biased and we will think that our gin is, indeed, a Super Premium Gin. However, when it is stocked in some of the most prestigious retailers in the world, that is when we know our instincts are correct!

Discerning buyers have specifically chosen our gin for their luxury stores. Two such stores are Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. The buyers for these stores are experts in their fields and taste hundreds of products throughout the year. They then make a decision – ‘which product will best suit our clientele? Which product is of a standard that we are prepared to put our name behind and which product will sell in our luxury department store?’

Fortnum & Mason stockists of Brilliant Gin Distillers Cut

Fortnum & Mason, the famous, well-loved, and respected 314-year-old luxury department store in London, is now stocking our Brilliant Distillers Cut Gin – a gin perfect for cocktail mixing. We would like to say a big thank you to Fortnum & Mason for choosing The Brilliant Gin Company, a small family-owned gin producer in Sussex.

“Here at Fortnum’s you should know we’re every bit as serious about gin as we are about tea.”

Distillers Cut Gin

This is an incredible gin for mixologists and gin lovers alike. We have increased the ABV to 57% from our original Brilliant Gin recipe and this makes it perfect for cocktails. The flavour of our botanicals cuts through whist keeping our signature smoothness and warmth.

Quality and passion

And finally… the crux of what makes a Superior Premium gin for us is quality – using the best ingredients, working with an experienced distiller, years of trial and error to create a truly wonderful gin, consistency, and passion.

Made for the Spirited

At Brilliant Gin, we say our gin is ‘Made for the Spirited’ and we truly believe that. It is for fun, for sharing, for time with friends, family, and colleagues.  A gin that delivers a fabulous taste every time and one that we have put our heart and souls into creating just for you.

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