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Free shipping orders £60.00+ Code:FREESHIP (Not valid with other offers - UK mainland only)

The Brilliant Bottle


Elegance and style

Faced with shelves of spirits in stores and bars, many using exactly the same bottle, we quickly realised how important it would be for our packaging to visually stand out from the crowd. Brilliant Gin is “made for the spirited”.  Those discerning gin lovers who require a dash of distinctiveness in look as well as flavour.

Elegance and style were our watchwords as we searched the world of glass producers for a bottle like no other.  It was a brave decision to step away from the standard and track down a design which would stand alone amongst so much sameness within the industry.

We followed our mantra “be bold, be brave, but above all be brilliant” and are delighted with what we found.  A truly elegant shape.  Loved by our customers for its uniqueness and sophistication and by mixologists for its hold ability and clarity (so easy to see on the shelf).

We have kept the same clarity of design throughout by not overcrowding our labels with too much information.  After all it is all about the gin! Not fussy or over busy, it tells our story with elegant simplicity. Crisp lettering on a bold background our label is shaped to stand out and enhance not detract from the lines of the bottle. A simple hand applied collar proclaiming our strap line and natural beech wood and cork stopper complete the contemporary feel.

Unique in style and design our packaging reflects the quality and sophistication of the BRILLIANT product within.

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