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Free shipping orders £60.00+ Code:FREESHIP (Not valid with other offers - UK mainland only)

A Brilliant Night In


5cl Brilliant Gin London Dry 43%
5cl Brilliant English Raspberry Gin 40%
5cl Distillers Cut 57%

5cl Bramble & Gage Vermouth 18%

1 x Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water
1 x Merchants Heart Hibiscus Spirit Enhancer

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​A Brilliant Night In

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A Brilliant Night In


Our Brilliant Night In

A Brilliant way to discover and enjoy our full range of Brilliant Gins. We have lovingly curated this collection for you to enjoy the perfect serve. 

Share it with a loved one, gift it to friends and family, say thank you I think you are Brilliant to your workforce, or just a rather Brilliant treat for yourself! 

Drinks to make:

  • Classic Brilliant Gin & Tonic
  • Brilliant English Raspberry Cooler
  • A Brilliant Martini or Two

The Perfect Garnish for your perfect serve

The Brilliant G & T

Take a large gin glass and half fill with ice. (the more ice, the longer your drink will remain undiluted).  Next take a wedge of Pink Grapefruit and squeeze and drop into the said glass.  Add 50ml of Brilliant London Dry Gin and a similar amount of Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water.

Probably the best G & T you have ever tasted!

The Brilliant English Raspberry Cooler

For a refreshing long drink take a tall HI Ball glass.  Add a good amount of Ice, 50ml of Brilliant English Raspberry Gin and top up with Merchants Heart Hibiscus Spirit enhancer.

Drop in a few fresh raspberries and taking several fresh mint leaves, bruise gently to release the delicious minty oils, add to the glass and swirl.

A fruity delight with extra zing!

The Brilliant Martini

First chill your martini glass.  Taking a cocktail shaker add lots of ice, a dash of vermouth (not too much) and 50 ml of Distillers Cut.  Shake with vigour and pour.

Add a plump olive or a peel of lemon or if it takes your fancy both.

Sophisticated elegance in a glass!

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