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A Bit Of Luxury In The Everyday


There is a saying that has been bandied about for years – ‘let’s save this for best’.

Let’s bring out our anniversary crystal glasses for special occasions only. The cutlery that we received as a wedding present can stay in the loft until we have friends round (and they have to be posh, or new friends at that, and not just the friends we have known for 20 years). Bring out the bottle of spirits that has been gathering dust in the back of the kitchen cupboard waiting, expectantly, for that hand to reach in and bring it into the light for a one-off celebration.

Why do we do this? Are we afraid that we might break or damage our precious things? Are we worried that once we have opened the dusty bottle we won’t be able to afford another one for a while? Or do we feel that we shouldn’t be doing this, or that it might lose its shine for us?

Life Is For Living – Now!

Life is for living. Life if unpredictable and it is a rich tapestry, full of ups and downs. We know that times ahead may be challenging – we have been through a pandemic together so we have the collective experience that life can be plain scary with a future that we sometimes can’t see clearly.

So why don’t we grab life right now? Why don’t we shake out our best clothes and wear them round the house or out with friends and yes, that includes the friends that have known us for years!

Making The Everyday Special

Ok, so we may get some strange looks or comments, but does that matter? Why don’t we put our best cutlery into the kitchen draw and reach in to that dark cupboard and bring out the premium gin? Why don’t we make a conscious decision to have a bit of luxury scattered through our ‘everyday’?

A dress to pad around in at home may feel frivolous – especially with home or hybrid working. A silver knife for spreading butter and marmite on your toast may make you smile in the morning. One of our Super-Premium London Dry Gins, with tonic and ice, in your once hidden crystal glass may bring a smile to your lips because you feel decadent. In a world that can sometimes seem hostile and bleak, a little glamour and luxury is no bad thing. It will not only make you feel happy, but positivity is infectious, and a little bit of positivity goes a long way.

The ‘Feel Good’ Revolution

So let’s start the ‘feel good’ revolution. Throw open the loft hatch and bring down the presents and gifts that have been hidden up there for far too long – after all, you can never have too many vases around the house, can you? Fill up your ice cube tray ready for that first glorious sip of gin and tonic and throw off those high heels or loosen that tie that you have been wearing all day. This is your time. This is your life and more importantly, this is your one life.

The Brilliant Gin Company – Bringing Liquid Luxury To Your Life

The Brilliant Gin Company, purveyors of Super Premium London Dry Gin and Raspberry Gin. Taste some liquid luxury, buy it online…and don’t save it for THAT special occasion. The special occasion is life, so go on, live for today.

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